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Seats for Kids. An introduction

Seats for Kids - has a specific goal. To bring to the market new concepts in the seating range for Children - which encompass great style and design - coupled with safety.

This is our first item - " Weeride Kangaroo" Please click on the products tab for full information

So why do we sell the Weeride?
A couple of summers ago we were looking to buy a child's bike seat. I looked at loads as I do like to do my research before buying anything.
They all seemed to fall into 2 areas. Sub £50 supermarket seats that I didn't feel safe putting my child into. And then the £80 to £120 seats that looked like well built rear mounted seats.
But nothing really floated my boat
Then I stumbled across the Weeride on a website. Having my child infront of me where I could see and talk to them seemed so obvious, but a great idea.
It was actually too obvious, so where was the catch?

So then I contacted the company who manufactured them and asked them all the questions I now get asked. But they had an answer for everything so I went ahead and bought one.
This is a picture of the first time I took my son. We both loved every minute of the ride. We pointed things out to each other and chatted, and, as happens when I talk to many people... he fell asleep ....So that was what that bit at the front was for!.

Now, we are selling these directly via our website. And I am hoping that in the near future I will find a retailer who will see the massive opportunity in selling these seats.

Every single person who has bought a seat loves it. They all write afterwards to say how much their child enjoys the new seat, how they will recommend us to their friends, and how people have stopped them on the street to find out more.

I can honestly say we have not had one negative comment and long may that continue.

We sell these seats as a hobby because we love them.